Equipment Guidelines


Ideally clients have appropriate clothing and sleeping systems. However many of our clients are travelers with minimal gear and so we often  have to provide some pieces of kit. Fortunately CEB has a stock pile of spare gear .

Suggested equipment

 Waterproof and windproof Jacket
Fleece jacket or wool jumper
Thermals top and bottom
trousers - not denim
Spare set of clothing
Warm fast drying hat
Trainers,gumboots or hiking boots
Pack-big enough for carrying overnight gear
Pack liner or rubbish bags
Sleeping bag
Self-inflating or closed-cell foam sleeping mat
Torch and spare batteries
Small first aid kit, including plasters, antiseptic wipes . Any tablets you need to bring, painkillers etc.
Sun block and good insect repellent
Wash kit and towel
Knife, fork and spoon Mug,  & plate
Water bottle
Notebook  and pencils

Optional extras:tools-001

Knife and sharpening gear
Folding saw
Fire steel
Emergency kit
Cooking set
Tent, or fly-sheet & bivy-bag
Para cord


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