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Our clients range from tourists looking for an interactive bush experience right through to seasoned outdoor adventurers looking to add new skills to their repertoire.  The only prerequisite is an interest in the topic and willingness to get involved.  We have a rich collection of extensive activities designed to keep those with more experience engaged and learning.  The general outline of each course is listed below.  Instructors may make additions or deletions according to the client’s needs.  Please let us know if you have any special interests.  Instructor student ratio are kept low to retain flexibility and ensure a client centered program.

Here are some short videos illustrating  some scenes from a recent course. The course was 4 days but the images come from the introductory day here at the farm,before heading bush.






Unsure which course?

This course is for you.

This 1 day taster course provides an informative and enjoyable introduction to the many facets of bushcraft.The program focuses primarily on  plantlore, fire and knife craft. It does not require a high level of fitness, previous experience or any special equipment.

 After spending time near the campfire (learning primitive fire lighting techniques) we will venture through the bush meeting the plants and exploring their uses. Although  the New Zealand bush is light on tasty edible plants, it’s berries, barks, fruits, roots, flowers and trunks provide a rich variety of resources.  A sharp eye and some knowledge will find  materials for

  •  medicine
  • tinder
  • dyes
  • insulation
  • friction firelighting resources
  • fibres for cordage ,clothing
  • food
  • construction

 Throughout the day small crafting projects enable carving and coradge skills to be developed. To finish we  will reveal  the secrets of knife sharpening and provide easy take away techniques.


    •  Face to face meeting with New Zealand’s  most useful plants
    •  Go home with the skills to keep those kitchen knives scary sharp
    •  Produce a flame with a coke can and sun light
    •  Create a flame from compressed air
    •  Light a fire by rubbing two sticks together
    • Dine on camp oven bread and sample a variety of bush teas

You will need to bring

  • Warm clothes,waterproofs and good footwear
  • Lunch


Hot dinks and snacks will be provided

Group discounts avaliable

Childrens rates

Families welcome


The focus of this course is to reliably light fires with a minimum of resources.  Along the way we will use a variety of Bushcraft tools and materials.  Primitive fire lighting is an engaging pastime filled with challenge and reward.  Creating your first friction fire will keep a smile on your face all day.

Course Content

  • Flint & Steel
  • Fire piston
  • Fire steels, learn to make this a truely useful tool
  • Flame production by solar radiation
  • Team and solo friction fire lighting
  • Tinder collection and preparation
  • Natural and cotton char materials
  • Feather sticks
  • Team and solo friction fire lighting
  • Construct a bow drill set
  • Principals of fire setups, including discussion of common mistakes
  • Bombproof wet weather fire lighting strategies
Even in this age of sophisticated backpacking equipment, fire lighting skills are still relevant.
Unplanned nights out generally happen in poor weather and the ability to light a fire can be the difference between a relatively comfortable night and the longest night of your life. Fires have always had a magic ability to uplift the human spirit especially on cold and dismal nights .


We  aim to deliver all the essential Bushcraft skills in one weekend.  Quite a challenge.  To ensure a productive use of the weekend, it’s hoped that participant can meet on the Friday night before the course.  The evening will be spent sharpening tools and sorting gear in preparation for a prompt start next day.

Course Content

    • Essential knife skills, including carving projects
    • Knife sharpening – at home and in the field
    • Fire lighting with sparks – fire steel and flint and steel
    • How to select and prepare reliable tinders
    • Feather sticks
    • Using a tarp
    • Improvised shelters
    • Knots bindings and lashings
    • Cordage from natural materials
    • Camp cooking – use camp oven  etc
    • Improvised traps and snare construction
    • Freshwater protein sources
    • Identification and uses of local native plants



 Instructor training

This course consists of a collection of activities based on Bushcraft skills.They range from 5 minute activities to tasks which may take hours. A knowledge of these activities allows the instructor to enrich the bush experience and break away from the tramp, navigate, camp mentality which predominates at present. There are numerous benefits to this approach.

These  meaningful task  engage students and provide great opportunities to develop communication, problem solving and  improvisation skills.  Because participants need to engage and observe the natural world their appreciation and knowledge of the New Zealand bush will be enhanced. After learning some history and completing a few of these challenges students gain considerable respect for the technology, knowledge and skill displayed by pre- European Maori.

The Bushcraft adage

the more you carry in your head the less you need to  carry in you pack”

is  true and acquiring some knowledge and  skills will enable you to plan minimal equipment experiences.

 There are a wide range of activities to choose from and therefore this course could be a one or two day event. 


 We can design and run courses specially tailored to an individuals or a teams needs. By allowing you to help determine, the time, duration, place and content desired outcomes are assured.

 If you have an idea give us a ring to discuss options.

 Some suggestions

    •  Fun Bushcraft activities for family groups
    • Father and son workshops
    • Mother and daughters workshops
    • Expand the Fundamental Bushcraft course
    • Bush survival challenges
    • Knife sharpening workshops
    •  Bear Grylls Weekend for youth (traverse untracked bush, make tools and weapons)
    • Training for parents (learn some fun bushcraft activities for kids)


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