I have hesitated to write a FAQ because most of my courses are custom made to a group’s individual needs; and vary greatly. The following information is of a general nature and may not apply to all courses.


We are based in the Nelson area, a Mecca for travelers seeking a quality outdoor experience.

Beach, bush and mountains environments are all within easy reach.

Where possible courses are run on and around our small farm situated on the banks of the Motueka river. Skills can be honed in this resource rich environment before heading out into the local bush . We are 10 minutes drive from the Motueka township and 20 minutes from the Abel Tasman National Park. The Kahurangi National Park is also on our doorstep.On the farm we strive to be self sufficient regarding food and energy and the place is alive with animals and fresh produce.

Some clients are after special environments and excursions to marine or lowland bush ecosystems are common.


Nelson city is easily reached by bus or plane. The bus between Nelson to Motueka only runs once a day so generally CEB staff pick up and drop off clients as required.


A self contained farm cottage is available free of charge for clients and guests. Travelers appreciate the opportunity to stay there before, during and after  their course. An opportunity to wash, sort or dry gear and answer emails etc. This free accommodation saves travelers money and help offset the cost of courses.

On most courses a night or two is spent in the bush under a tarp, tent or in an improvised shelter.

Clothing and equipment.

Essentially, bushcraft is about doing more with less. Consequently equipment requirements are basic . I once had a group arrive with a chilly bin of food, the clothes on their back and a pillow under each arm. We had a great time.

Fortunately CEB has a large selection of spare gear in order to ensure every client is appropriately equipped for safety and comfort,not necessarily style!

Ideally client have warm clothes, wet weather gear, a sleeping bag and mat,everything else can be improvised. Here is a suggested equipment list.

Many of CEB clients are experienced outdoors people with collections of bushcraft and/or camping gear and attending a course provides an ideal chance to use and test this stuff.  Knives , axes ,saws etc are welcome,but certainly not needed. This type of specialist bushcraft gear will be provided when required .


By asking client to provide their own food, course costs are kept down and clients eat a diet appropriate to their needs. Cooking on open fires is an integral part of bushcraft. Consequently CEB staff normally bake treats and cook some wild produce to complement a clients meals . Clients should plan simple menus for the overnight e.g. rice, pasta, etc. and bring plenty of snacks foods to keep peoples motors running between meals.

Expedition food is often bought communally and the cost shared on the day.

How do I get on a course

Most of CEB’s courses are run in response to demand. That is, one or more people get together and request a course. After discussion , date , venue and content are decided. One on one course are surprisingly common, this is an efficient way to learn and are invariably a success.

Each month in summer an open Fundamental course is scheduled. For an individual with some time flexibility, this is the cheapest way to get on a course. This course is an ideal way to gain an appreciation of the scope of bushcraft and develop some useful skills. Client  leave with a sense of satisfaction and competence. Many client return for a second course at a later date.


Please do not hesitate to make an inquiry. A short discussion on the phone can quickly sort the most suitable option.

This website list a small selection of possible training option. We run a wide ranges of courses ranging from spoon carving ,minimum equipment journeys through to team building days for corporate groups.

The price varies according to the group, the environment and the teaching content. But as a general guide

Private courses

The cost  for the group for one  days instruction  is

Groups size 3-6               $250

Couples or families        $200

Individuals                      $200    (discounts for longer courses)

CEB Fundamental courses

$110 per person per day (couples and family rates apply)






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